Here’s the interior design and brewing mashup video you’ve always wanted. Are you listening, Hollywood?


We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.

Charles Bukowski



Today kicks off a weeks worth of Bay Area Jerry-related events that feature WORKINGMAN’S ALE, a Jerry Garcia-inspired collaboration between Magnolia Brewing Company & High Water Brewing.

Jerry was a true working musician, compelled to play out constantly with the Grateful Dead and countless side bands, setting him apart from most peers of his era. Coming from a multi-generation San Francisco family, Jerry’s Grandmother was a union organizer, and his Father ran a blue-collar bar beside Maritime Hall that served the ship & sailing trades. Following the death of Jerry’s Father, his Mother gathered herself, tied on an apron and ran the bar. 

With a respectful eye toward Jerry’s blue-collar family history and his own hardworking attitude, this drinkable, mostly pale session ale features all-American hops, but has roots in the bitters and milds of the industrial midlands of England.

WORKINGMAN’S ALE will be carried at just a small handful of Jerry-related events over the following weeks; and it premiers right here at Magnolia Brewery on Haight & Masonic for our very own JERRY DAY. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to try this very rare & interesting brew.

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In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.

Benjamin Franklin

Well you’re in luck. For starters, it takes two eighteen wheelers, a load of custom-made fermenters from Craftwerk Brewing Systems, a crane and a bunch of beer-lovers. Magnolia’s new brewery in the Dogpatch received its first massive batch of heavy equipment on Thursday, and installing it was fun. And by fun, we mean death defying. You can read more about how it went down on the brand new SF Brewer’s Guild website.

And see more great photos from the day by Brian Stechschulte here.Brewmaster Dave McLean, Head Brewer Ben "Big Siphon" Spencer, Kevin Landwehr & Devin Becker of Nothing Something NY and Project Manager Eric Heid do their best to lift this giant fermenter. And theonly thing they stretched beforehand was the truth.

Brewmaster Dave McLean, Head Brewer Ben “Big Siphon” Spencer, Kevin Landwehr & Devin Becker of Nothing Something NY and Project Manager Eric Heid do their best to lift this giant fermenter. And the only thing they stretched beforehand was the truth.


Yes, they’re back. But do you know why?


1. To help people with  Anatidaephobia - The Fear That Somewhere, Somehow You are Being Watched by a Duck image

 2. Because we need to see what happens when wings are slow cooked in duck fat, deep fried, tossed in fish sauce, sugar, rice wine vinegar, garlic, and chili flakes. 

 3. Because what happens is after eating Magnolia duck wings you will feel like this guy:


4. Because we miss the slaw. Our wings are served over a slaw of sliced celery root, carrots, red onion and celery leaf that we tossed in a vinaigrette of blue cheese, champagne vinegar, and olive oil.

 5. Popular. Demand.


MAGNOLIA BEER BRUNCH 2/16 & 17: 9am-2:30pm
When Saturday #2 of SF Beer Week rolls around, we’re all a little worse for wear. Somewhere along the line, we probably forgot it was to be a marathon, not a sprint. And, yet, there’s still more to come these final two days, not the least of which is the big granddaddy of them all, the Toronado Barleywine Fest (2/16), just down the street, and the Celebrator Anniversary Party/Closing of SF Beer Week in Oakland on 2/17. Your survival strategy starts with a good breakfast and we give you an extra hour these two days to help you out. We open at 9am for brunch both days, an hour earlier than most weekends.

And we have three great brunch specials planned, each with a suggested beer pairing, if you’re ready for the transition from our Blue Bottle coffee to the beer portion of your day. To add to your options, each day will see the limited release of a vintage beer from our dwindling cellar (we keep doing things like this rather than saving the beer — time to start laying down more of it for future years).